For e-commerce
We provide also comprehensive services for e-commerce transactions, i.e. for Internet stores. Our base, infrastructure, and knowledge of the sector and the market of selling through the Internet channels guarantee that we meet the most rigorous expectations of our Clients..
We offer flexible solutions that support secure and professional e-business growth. 

Services for companies operating in e-commerce market
- comprehensive service for e-stores
- both B2B and B2C services
- warehousing, stock management on behalf of the Client ,monitoring and replenishing stock levels
- storage relevant to product requirements and parameters
- customizing products to Client's needs and taking care about the parcels aesthetic qualities (assembling, packaging, sorting, labelling)
- prompt order processing shipment in cooperation with courier companies, to self-service parcel collection stations, or by Polish Mail
- tracking orders
- delivery time reduction (direct shipment from warehouses to clients)
- handling product returns, invoicing, accounting, and debt collection services
- maintenance services and handling complaints .