We specialise in providing comprehensive services to our Clients. It is our aim to meet very high expectations of our Clients. We thoroughly analyse and act on each suggestion and request offering best prices and professional service.
Cooperation with our company means top quality services, openness to expectations and suggestions.
Our employees will tailor the offer of effective logistic solutions to each Client's suggestions.

 Our cooperation includes:
- freight from a producer to a warehousing centre and then to the end user (presently we make as many as 400 shipments a day)
- customizing products, that is packaging, labelling, sorting, re-packing, modifying products, etc.
- storage (1700m2 warehousing space), stock management
- order picking including delivery to a client (large space stores, retail outlets, individual clients), orders management
- invoicing, debt collection, solving disputes
- comprehensive complaint  processing
- translation services
- personal touch with each Client's suggestion and request
Warranty and post-warranty service
At the request of our partners we have created warranty and post-warranty service for our Clients.
For several years our professional staff members have provided complaint handling services, comprehensive repair and warranty and post-warranty maintenance services for electrical appliances, gardening equipment and machinery, and gate automatics. For several years technicians employed with Hexagones have been providing support to salespersons and users of equipment, machinery and devices. We pride ourselves on our reliability and meeting deadlines so vital for companies in the context of changeable regulations and growing costs of post-sale service.
 Additional services:
- support for customs handling (documentation, translation)
- consulting services and preparation of documentation for product implementation in compliance with binding standards and regulations, their certification and labelling in compliance with directives and legislation binding in the territory of Poland (including manuals in Polish)
- meetings at a purchasing hub, negotiations with purchasers
- maintaining business relationship with sellers in serviced stores
- comprehensive services in building a Client's advertising booths in stores
- market research
- merchandising
- animations at stores
- providing  stands and staff for trade fairs


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